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Transition and Health Care
A Workshop for Families and Professionals

Regrettably the October 25, 2014 Transition in Health Care session has been cancelled and will be reschedule in early 2015. Thank you for your interest in this topic and we hope to see you soon!

The Autism Society of Ohio

Choosing An Autism Scholarship Provider

ScholarshipCoverA guide to help you sort out the educational options under the Autism Scholarship for your child with autism other than public school. This includes assembling an educational team from a variety of providers. Just as all public school programs are different, so too, are all Autism Scholarship providers. It is important to evaluate any program you might be considering, both public and private, weighing the pros and cons of each, keeping the needs of your child with autism and your families’ needs in mind. But doing so can be confusing, That’s why the Autism Society of Ohio has created this guide. It will first help you identify the needs of your child and their learning style. The next section of the guide will help you evaluate a specific program, allowing you to evaluate perspective programs against your child’s current program. Finally there are a list of questions that you should consider when looking at any provider or program – costs, teachers, administrators, reputation and more.  Additional check lists are available by clicking here.

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You are here: Home >> ASO WEEKLY DIGEST >> News from ASO >> Choosing An Autism Scholarship Provider