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Autism Society of Ohio invites you to get involved in our Big Give for Autism (#AutismBigGive) on September 17.This is a day for you to provide real help for people and families living with autism.  Why should you get involved?  Consider these facts:

  • Every day 126 people are diagnosed with autism; that’s one person every 11 minutes.

  • Currently, there are an estimated 3.5 million people in the United States living with autism spectrum disorder.

  • People with autism and their families must navigate difficult systems, and many adults on the autism spectrum are denied basic civil rights, such as access to transportation, housing and jobs appropriate to their knowledge and skills.

For fifty years, the Autism Society has supported individuals with autism, their families, caregivers and friends as we advocate for better services and provide the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy. 

By supporting the Autism Society of Ohio, you join with thousands across the country to provide much-needed support for individuals with autism and their families. 

Sign up today to receive your Big Give for Autism (#AutismBigGive)(link to make the blue underlined words a hot link: reminder email and then spread the word about the Autism Society’s giving day.  Everyone knows someone impacted by autism.  Let’s work together to enhance their lives, provide support and give dignity to those who for years have been socially isolated and overlooked.

Celebrate the Autism Society’s 50th Anniversary by getting involved in the Big Give for Autism (#AutismBigGive) on September 17.

Are You Up For It?

Join the Autism Society of Ohio at its 4th Annual

Up All Night for Autism

Silent auction, raffles, food,
free game play and much, much more!!
Saturday, October 3, 2014 @ 11:00 PM until 2:30 AM

Dave & Buster’s
3665 Mill Run Drive, Hilliard
(Fishinger Rd Exit 13 from I-270)

For Details and to Purchase Tickets Sorry Can’t Attend Would Like to Contribute

The Autism Society of Ohio

DODD Training - Self Waiver

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) has established trainings for providers as a means to learn more about the Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF)Waiver, which is on-track to become effective July 1, 2012. As a part of the SELF Waiver informational trainings that are being conducted byDODD, the Department has set aside a statewide webinar training for June 26 & 27as well as an on-site training on July 31 & August 1 (the latter of which will be held inReynoldsburg, Ohio). The Department will also be adding an additional SELF Waiver webinar training in early fall.

The agenda for these trainings is attached, but in general, the first day will cover the elements of the waiver, including such topics as service definitions and specifications and providing an explanation on the participant-directed aspects of the waiver (and what that means to Ohio's Developmental Disabilities System). The second day will be about the changes to DODD's IT systems to allow for the incorporation of the SELF waiver, including the Provider Certification Wizard (PCW)as well as the Payment Authorization for Waiver Services (PAWS) and Medicaid Billing System (MBS). In addition, this training will explain the role of the new entity of Financial Management Services, and what that means to providers. The links to register for the webinar or the on-site training in Reynoldsburg are listed in the attached document, entitled "Registration for SELF Waiver Trainings".

 Click here to register for statewide webinar training Tuesday June 26th

Click here to register for statewide webinar training Wednesday June 27th

Click here to register for on-site training Tuesday July 31st and August 1st

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You are here: Home >> ASO WEEKLY DIGEST >> News from ASO >> DODD Training - Self Waiver