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More than a million individuals in our country (more than 50,000 in Ohio) and their families are affected by autism…the fastest growing serious neuro-developmental disorder in our country.  The Autism Society of Ohio is here to help.  

       The Autism Society of Ohio’s mission is to improve the lives of all Ohioans affected by autism of all Ohioans affected by autism.

 Our vision is that Ohioans impacted by autism are connected with accurate and accessible knowledge of  supports and services in their regions. We initiate and build collaborations with Autism Society of Ohio affiliates and other organizations to influence public policy. We lead and coordinate linkages that support the initiates of Autism Society of America throughout Ohio. 

 The Autism Society of Ohio believes...

·         in self-determination for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder

·         that people with ASD have unique potential and strengths

·         that people with ASD will be successful in their communities

·         that people with ASD and their families have the right to determine best path for treatment and educational options

·         that the local affiliates fulfill an important role in their community supporting individuals with ASD and their families

·         that the Autism Society of Ohio can maximize and strengthen the voice of local affiliates at the local level

·         in the efforts of all organizations in the state of Ohio that promote the advancement of all individuals with ASD

·         that services and public policy are enhanced when priorities are identified and action steps are targeted

·         that we can improve services by advocating changes in public policy with a unified voice

·         that we can make a difference!



  WE CAN HELP! Call us at 614-487-4726 or email at

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2010 OCALI Conference – Autism Society subsidizing Parent/Family Registrations, Hosting Parent Corner

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You are here: Home >> About Us