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What to do When Your Child Exhibits Dangerous Behaviors

Parent Category: Parent Resources

Dangerous_Behavior_CoverA child who exhibits severe behaviors—self-injury, aggression and property destruction—presents a significant challenge for parents. In some instances, outbursts can be handled within the family; that is, the parents’ intervention may be enough to keep the child stable and the family secure. But in other cases, the behavior can be so extreme that parents need additional support.

This guide was developed to help families get the support they need. This guide will answer the following three major questions:
1. When should families seek help?
2. What should parents do when their child is exhibiting dangerous behavior?
3. Where can families obtain additional support?


What is Autism?

Parent Category: Parent Resources
2012WhatIsAutismCoverA trifold brochure that provides basic information about autism - what it is, treatment options, early screening, education, and adults on the Spectrum. It also provides informaton about the Autism Society.  Remember, you are not alone!

Choosing An Autism Scholarship Provider

Parent Category: Parent Resources

ScholarshipCoverA guide to help you sort out the educational options under the Autism Scholarship for your child with autism other than public school. This includes assembling an educational team from a variety of providers. Just as all public school programs are different, so too, are all Autism Scholarship providers. It is important to evaluate any program you might be considering, both public and private, weighing the pros and cons of each, keeping the needs of your child with autism and your families’ needs in mind. But doing so can be confusing, That’s why the Autism Society of Ohio has created this guide. It will first help you identify the needs of your child and their learning style. The next section of the guide will help you evaluate a specific program, allowing you to evaluate perspective programs against your child’s current program. Finally there are a list of questions that you should consider when looking at any provider or program – costs, teachers, administrators, reputation and more.  Additional check lists are available by clicking here.

ASO Brochure

Parent Category: Parent Resources

ASOCoverThis brochure provides information on the Autism Society of Ohio - who we are, where we are located, the services we offer and how to contact us.

A Guide to Services, Providers and Funding

Parent Category: Parent Resources
who-pays-for-what-national-001A national guide to types of services, who provides the service, information about the service and how the service can be funded.  Straight forward and understandable!

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