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Autism Society of America Store

Parent Category: Autism Store


Click HERE to shop at the Autism Society of America Store!  The products listed in the e-Store are all selected and are being used by therapists associated with the Autism Society. What's more, every purchase made generates a donation to advance the Autism Society's vital mission to support autism research, services, awareness and advocacy.

Autism Love Hope Jewelry

Parent Category: Autism Store
AutismLoveHopeJewelryASO receives 10% of every piece of jewelry sold on this website!  Please use the coupon code " ASO " when checking out on the website when making a purchase.  Lola Lambert is the proud mother of a young boy with autism and severe vision impairments.  She makes Autism Awareness jewelry in honor and support of her son with autism, and sells it on her website, along with Ohio State jewelry and other jewelry items too!  To purchase, click HERE.

b-who-u-r T shirts

Parent Category: Autism Store

images/stories/b2-who-u-r_002.jpgb-who-u-r T shirts - ASO receives a referral fee for every T-shirt sold when you mention our name!  Please use ASAOH as the fundraising code when making a purchase.

About B-Who-U-R
Our son with autism, Daniel, loves drawing and filming characters, and these animals represent a sampling of his fun and funky style. After realizing how great they would look on shirts, we added sayings that would express to all how special and unique everyone is, despite disabilities, disease, or differences, and how that should be embraced fully.

Our goal is two-fold: To involve Daniel in the many aspects of this business, so that he will learn skills along the way which we hope will benefit him in the future. Secondly, we want to help other families that have been impacted by all types of childhood diseases and disorders.

Get a shirt, donate to the Autism Society of Ohio and be proud to b-who-u-r! Click Here

The Puzzling Piece

Parent Category: Autism Store
images/banners/adams_photo_hanging_out2.jpg The Puzzling Piece - purchase this necklace and ASO receives $5 from purchase of each necklace!  Put "Autism Society of Ohio" in the comments section making a purchase. “The Puzzling Piece” reminds you that you am not alone, and that we all can make a difference!  There are so many pieces to the puzzle of Autism.  This necklace represents just one piece, and how important all the pieces are.  Your gift of “The Puzzling Piece” will tell your loved one you think they are important too.  It’s not just art, it’s a statement! Click Here


Parent Category: Autism Store



Purchase books from AAPC and the Autism Society of Ohio receives a commission from the sale.  Established in 1999, the mission of the Autism Asperger Publishing Company (AAPC) is to be the first source for practical solutions related to autism, Asperger Syndrome, and other pervasive developmental disorders.

AAPC is an independent publisher, targeting professionals and parents alike and strives to offer publications at affordable prices so that important resources will not be off limits to anyone with an interest in the autism spectrum. Click HERE to shop.

The Autism Puzzle Project

Parent Category: Autism Store


Purchase puzzles designed by individuals with autism!  A portion of the proceeds benefits the Autism Society!  We've taken the symbol for Autism, the jigsaw puzzle, and turned it into a meaninful and FUN tool for raising awareness of Autism and funds for the cause. These special jigsaw puzzles feature art by individuals living with Autism and up to 50% of every sale goes directly to support individuals and families living with Autism. Together, we can put the pieces together for a better future. Click Here

Autism Society of Connecticut Jewelry Store

Parent Category: Autism Store
images/stories/ascjewelry56_small2.jpgAutism Society of Connecticut Jewelry Store - ASO receives a referral fee for every piece of jewelry sold when you mention our name!  Please put ASO or Autism Society of Ohio in the comments section when making a purchase.  Professional jewelry artisan Kim Ranéll - mother to a teen age daughter with a PDD diagnosis - creates these quality awareness jewelry items.  They now have charms for Pandora bracelets too!  Click Here.

Project iAm merchandise

Parent Category: Autism Store

images/stories/projectimsplash.gif  Purchase any jewelry and ASO receives 40% of the profits.  Please ASO or Autism Society of Ohio in the "special code" section when making a purchase.

Project iAm was developed initially for a fundraiser, Acoustics for Autism, in order to distribute money and establish scholarships with provider’s of care in the Toledo area. Our main focus is to provide support and information, resources, and financial assistance to families affected by autism. Because there are so many schools of thought on the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder, we encourage families to “test the waters” and find the right fit for their child. We aim to help families speed up the cycle time from the autism diagnosis to effective treatments. Click Here

Cat's Meow

Parent Category: Autism Store



Cat's Meow    Purchase the ASA Puzzle Tree and ASO receives $7.50 from the purchase of each tree.  Please put AUTAKR in the "special code" section when making a purchase.

 Autism is a puzzling neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain in the ars of reasoning, social interaction, and communication skills. This disorder affects 1 out of 150 children in the United States. Your support of autism research will help researchers fit the pieces of the puzzle together so that autistic children can lead happier, fuller, more productive lives. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this tree will go to the Autism Society of America. Click Here

Abernook Jewelry and Accesories

Parent Category: Autism Store
images/stories/abernooksm_molautism.jpg Abernook Jewelry and Accesories - A portion of the proceeds from every purchase is donated to The Autism Society of Ohio!  This bracelet stands out and brings attention to itself thus allowing conversation about autism.  The puzzle charm reflects the mystery and complexity of autism. The different colors and sizes of the beads and silver represents the diversity of people and families living with this disorder. The yellow bead in the center signifies hope that a cure will be found. Select Organization "ASOhio" when purchasing . Click Here

Zack the Prairie Dog

Parent Category: Autism Store



Zack the Prairie Dog Children's Book - ASO receives 25% of every book sold if ASA-ASO is typed into the Comments Section. Size is 8 ½” by 11” with 112 pages. The book is hardcover and fully illustrated.

Hear the adventure of Zack and Cody in this audio book of S. Charles Decker’s heart-warming tale, Zack the Prairie Dog, and learn that being different, physically or within, always comes with qualities to embrace. This audio book has many layers to discover and will grow with your child. Autism awareness, prejudgment, accepting differences in self and others, overcoming fear and the power of faith and friendship are all blended in this exciting story. Kids will love to hear this book come alive with all of the wonderful sound effects. In Zack the Prairie Dog, you will always find that in heaven’s eyes, we are all special. Click Here

In the Garden of Our Dreams, a Collection of Stories, Essays, and Poems About Autism

Parent Category: Autism Store


In the Garden of Our Dreams, a Collection of Stories, Essays, and Poems About Autism - content was provided by individuals living in and around the Cleveland area.  The Autism Society receives $5 donation from the sale of each book.

Everyone has a story to tell, and I wanted to give people and families impacted by autism a chance to tell their stories.  This book was written to share with you the joys, the laughter, the frustrations and the love that we, family and friends of children with autism, experience every day.  This is our chance to share our stories with you.  We hope you will learn from these voices and gain a better understanding and appreciation of our children and our lives. Click Here

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