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ASO License Plate

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The Ohio Autism Awareness License Plate is Now Available for Purchase!



Click HERE for a flyer advertising the License Plate!

Visit your Local BMV or Order Your License Plate Online!

Ohio State residents now can show their support for persons with autism, their families and service providers with the Ohio Autism Awareness license plate. Click on our FAQ's or contact us for more information about the license plate, or the Autism Society of Ohio.

To order an Ohio Autism Awareness License plate, visit the Ohio State BMV's website - http://www.oplates.com/.

Why Should I buy an Ohio Autism Awareness license plate?

  • 1 out of every 110 children born today will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder
  • Between 39,000 and 58,000 persons living in Ohio have autism spectrum disorder.
  •  $25 from every license plate purchased goes to support the programs of the Autism Society of Ohio
  • It helps provide awareness of autism and the Autism Society of Ohio

You will receive a receipt for your Donation!


When you purchase an Autism Awareness License Plate, the BMV will ask you consent to share your address with the Autism Society of Ohio so that we may send you a thank you note for your donation and support. The Autism Society of Ohio never shares this information. But whether we are able to send a formal "thank you" or not, please know that the purchase of an autism awareness license plate makes a big difference and helps us help individuals with autism, their families and those who work with them throughout Ohio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your Question below? Please check out the BMV's FAQ's for more information. http://www.oplates.com/faq/  

Q: Why an Autism Awareness License Plate?  

This license plate is a way Ohioans from across the state can help raise awareness of autism and demonstrate their support of specific initiatives of the Autism Society of Ohio. 

Q: Where does the money from the license plate go?

The money from the purchase of this special license plate will benefit the programs of the Autism Society of Ohio. These include information and referral, chapter support, education and training, and statewide legislative advocacy on behalf of persons with autism, their families and those who work with them in Ohio.

Q: How much money will this plate cost?  

The price is $35 over and above your regular license plate fee; $10 goes to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and $25 goes to the Autism Society of Ohio. Regular license plate fees vary from county to county

Q: How much of the license plate purchase is tax deductible?

The extra $25 cost of the "Logo" price is tax deductible - save your receipt. The amount should be stated on your receipt.

Q: Can I still purchase a vanity plate?

Yes but vanity plates will be limited to 6 spaces instead of 7.

Q: Can I renew my license plates mid-cycle or do I have to wait for my renewal to be due?

Yes you can renew mid-cycle ... it's called an exchange and in an exchange you just pay for logo plate. When your renewal time is due you will pay your renewal fees, plus the special plate fee.  

Q: When I renew my license plates will cost increase or decrease?

Each year you will be paying same fee for the special autism awareness plate. The extra cost of the special plate will continue to support persons with autism, their families and those that work with them around the state.

Q: How do I do this?  

You can go online, get on telephone, or go into your BMV. You can call the BMV at 1-800-589-8247 or visit them online at http://www.oplates.com/. 

Q: Can I take home my plates the same day of purchase?

No - the license plates will always be mailed to you. The BMV doesn't provide special plates "on the spot".

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